Our trainers work with your industry so they are fully aware of the training needs, issues and solutions for your organisational staff

We provide face to face training courses either in house or as part of our open course network you will find a training schedule that suits you and your business.

With our unique approach to training we offer you an off the shelf training course that is bespokely fitted to your organisation and your specific challenges.

You will go through a pre-course analysis to ensure that the training that you receive from our highly experienced trainers is relevant to your company (organisational challenges) your staff (level of understanding) and the beneficiaries of the training (whether it be clients or service users).

You will receive

  • Pre-Course Analysis Ensure that the training that is provided is at the right level for your staff members and incorporate organisational examples.
  • Sign In Sheet This is sent to the organisation electronically
  • Post Course Facilitator Feedback This is documented evidence of the training experience from the facilitators point of view — it details the course, delegates and opinions or further training needs uncovered
  • Certificates of Attendance These are provided electronically and detail — Course Name, Length of Time, Delegate Name, Date of Completion/Attendance, Trainer Name and Education Specialist Name
  • Impact Survey If a learner provides us with their email address we will send them a survey six weeks after the training takes place to find out how the training has impacted their practice. This is then fed back to the organisation electronically for you to store on file
  • Evaluation Forms We take evaluation very seriously and thus we encourage all learners to fill them in

Not only do we believe that the training your staff will receive will improve their day to day practice we believe that we will make it easier for managers / business owners to document to their specefic regulatory bodies how training is carried out within their business.

We do not want to be a training provider who you will use us once, tick a box and carry on - we want to partner you, your staff and clients by providing a lasting education experience where we can take you from a base line to exponential growth.