This Challenging Behaviour Awareness course is designed to give healthcare care workers more of an understanding into Challenging Behaviour and how to support an individual presenting with such behaviours.

Students will benefit from having knowledge of how to recognise signs and symptoms of challenging behaviour within their working environment, identify causes and deal with situations using simple interventions in difficult and potentially volatile situations.

Course Content

  1. Theories and function of behaviour
  2. Why do people behave as they do?
  3. What actually is ‘challenging’ behaviour?
  4. How to motivate individuals to change behaviour
  5. Preventing challenging behaviour
  6. Strategies for managing challenging behaviour
  7. Challenging our own assumptions about people and their behaviour
  8. To highlight the need for vigilance when working with clients with challenging behaviour
  9. Define challenging behaviour
  10. Follow guidelines in the workplace dealing with challenging behaviour
  11. Work safely with service users who show signs of challenging behaviour