We want our students to realise any training issues and work proactively to overcome them with the guidance of their “Trainer Partner” (TP).

Oliver Cowal Trainers go through the following process before they are hired with us:

  1. Formal Interview – with our Education Specialist who oversees trainers and curriculum
  2. Presentation – to ensure that we would feel confident in their training behaviour
  3. Accreditation/Certificates – must be relevant and up to date and stored on file 
  4. PVG/CRB – All trainers must go through the PVG/CRB checks
  5. On the Job Quality Assurance – All our trainers are Quality Assured as a minimum once per year to
    ensure that they are delivering to the standards that we set.

This process ensure that all trainers are high quality professionals. Working in the Healthcare industry, we believe that this is prudent to our values.

When a trainer comes on board with us they are provided with course material that is overseen by our education specialist and stamped with approval – for courses that are accredited, we provide facilitators who have the correct credentials.
The material that they use is “off the shelf”. However, we try and make each learning experience bespoke to the organisation.